Edipresse Group has a longstanding place in the history of Swiss press and printing sectors. The company was founded in 1907 by Paul Allenspach, publisher of “La Feuille d’Avis de Lausanne”. This daily newspaper, created in 1762, will become 24 Heures in 1972. Lamunière family, together with Payot family, acquires joint control over the company in 1937. Marc and Pierre Lamunière take majority control of the company in 1982, which is then named Edipresse SA. In the 1980s Edipresse Group undertakes its operations – newspaper and magazine publishing, printing – exclusively in Switzerland. The 1990s are characterized by the group's international expansion, especially in Southern and Eastern Europe. In 2005 Edipresse Group enters several Asian markets. In March 2009 Edipresse Group announces its Swiss activities will progressively be incorporated to those of Tamedia Group (of which Edipresse Group becomes a shareholder). The merger is completed in April 2012. Edipresse Group stepped out of the Swiss stock exchange in 2011. Edipresse Group is now a purely family office, owned by Lamunière family.